Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Frames....Frames & More Frames...."

     I am in "frame heaven" with these two finds I scoured at a thrift store in Fresno, Ca. My husband and I just returned from home a weekend trip and I just couldn't wait to show you what I found!

     It was very hot in Fresno...and the hotel was nice... as long as you stayed inside... but I'm glad my husband spotted the thrift store from our room [the 8th floor]...and off we go.

     I believe it was worth the effort because this is what I found...

 Arriving home

Bad photo [eyes closed]

Love the ornamentation

     I'm looking forward to painting them and converting into lovely chalkboards. I hope you'll return for the reveal. Until next time happy collecting, thrifting and finding something fabulous! 

     The Blue Farmhouse.


  1. These will make lovely, large, and rather elegant chalkboards. Have you hung one yet? Where did you put yours? I have one propped up on my kitchen desk, but I'm not happy with it there. I'm thinking of hanging it on one of the doors.

  2. That's exactly what I had in mind when I purchased them. I have lots of them in all sizes and my plans are to sell them. I have people who have purchased them for their business. I'm hoping to advertise to local wineries, etc... My church uses one for the cafe and I use mine in the kitchen spaces of my home. They truly are multifunctional and that's why I'm always in search for them....especially the really ornate ones.

  3. Rita! No no no I know chalkboards are a wonderful piece to have, but i just totally fall in love with the first one!
    The frame you can keep! Please I want that picture in it.
    The colors, the setting, the Gowns (You know me).
    I have one kind of like it - without the frame - that is.
    I love it... and stare at it every day! What a beautiful find.

  4. You my dear always find the BEST treasures! xoxo

  5. Thanks Koralee...and one that is irreplaceable is your support and encouraging sweet comments!:)

    Sending love your way...Rita


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