Monday, July 22, 2013

"My Vision"

     My hubby found this table and my plans are to paint it white and slipcover the chairs in this box pleated style [my favorite] either in a white or blue ticking fabric. I can't remember exactly the magazine but I think it was British Home and Gardens were I first saw this picture...while browsing through magazines at Barnes & Nobles in San Luis Obispo.

     So what are your opinions? I think it's going to look terrific. But I have one slight problem...I don't sew...but I know who does!? You guess hubby. This project will definitely take a little more time but it's going to be nice when completed.

     Until next time happy collecting, thrifting and dreaming.

     The Blue Farmhouse.

magazine article

My $20 table and free chairs

Closer view


  1. You don't sew? Well, I for one am happy to hear it as short of a straight line or maybe a button, I am the same. Here I was hoping you would let me know how to sew those lovely slipcovers! (PLEASE let me know if you find an easy way to make these).
    Great table!

  2. Absolutely will be the first person to know. Fortunate my me my husband is an excellent seamstress and has agreed to do it. Now we just need to find the time. Thanks for dropping by.:)

  3. Ha Ha Ha, this just made me smile... (the sewing part did it).
    I can"t wait to see how hubby puts those slipcovers together.
    I remember that he is good at sewing.
    And what a deal.
    I am sure it will look wonderful when it is done.
    I have been wanting those type of chairs for years.
    And uh... I have that table in white.
    2 great minds same taste... yes?



    1. There's one little truth about me and it is this "it can be a fabulous find but it's gotta look superb (professional) too. If to your house begins to look like a second hand store and that definitely isn't my style. I'll show you the results and you'll be amazed! And yes we are like minded...that's why we found each other...and I'm so happy we did!:)


  4. That table looks like a birds eye maple table which is very wonderful and nice... wow. I have one very similar to it in my bedroom.

  5. Glad you like it!:) I'm looking forward to the "new" look we're planning to give it. Thanks for dropping by.


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