Saturday, June 8, 2013

"Great Day...Fabulous Finds"

Painted Toe 
[She's dog tired...after our bike ride]

     I probably should feel this way after experiencing a long day that started...or should I say ended with a night long sleepover for 9-11 year old girls at my job. Then I rush home, take a shower and off to hunt for some finds in Santa Barbara with hubby. 

     And this is what I came back with...

Ready? Okay!

[love this large buffalo gravy serving dish]

The mirrors are heavy and beautiful!

     I guess I should be tired ...but I'm too excited about all these finds. Now to share a little secret with you... I got all these items for about $115.00. I even haggled and bargained with a thrift store clerk for the clock, and the two mirrors. 

     Now I can't wait to get out my paint can and get started with re purposing all these items. Can anyone guess what color I might use? 

     Until next time....happy collecting, thrifting and living. 

     The Blue Farmhouse.


  1. OMG, what a lot of loot and I love the French style mirror. That alone would cost more than what you paid for it all.

  2. Thanks Kim...and both mirrors are "very" heavy and ornate. I'm trying to stock up and perhaps do a really nice vintage show like the one in San Luis Obispo.


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