Sunday, June 2, 2013

"A Happy Winner...Again"

Special Gift

     I have wanted and needed to send a special thank you to Sandy for this beautiful blouse that I won from a give-away on her blog. I anxiously awaited my winnings and when I open it the colors where just as beautiful and vibrant as I had seen on her blog. Sandy is an extraordinary seamstress, designer, blogger, entrepreneurial and... a friend.

     Actually Sandy's beautiful daughter modeled the shirt spectacularly and now an old lady like me has to follow in her footsteps [no competition...she wins hands down.] So today was my 'Sunday-go-to-meetin' outfit and a perfect time for me to share some photos with you.

     Again thank you and I invite all you creative folks out there to drop a visit to Sandy's beautiful blog C'est Moi. I won't be disappointed! Until next time happy collecting, thrifting and living.

     The Blue Farmhouse.

Sandy's beautiful model

Thank you, Sandy


  1. Sister Rita, you have to be one of the best women in my life. Love you so! You are beautiful inside and out!

  2. Marcy I don't know what to say but praise the Lord. I love you too and you have done a wonderful job with all those "beautiful" daughters. I appreciate you and thank you for such encouraging words.

    Friends Forever:)

  3. Oh, Rita!
    You managed to could be blushing.
    My beautiful model and daughter (indeed).
    And you are my beautiful friend. But most important Sister.
    Sending a hug your way!

    Thank you so much for making the sun shine... You do you know!
    God Blessed you inside and out!

    And yes that blouse does look amazing and gorgeous ON YOU!
    Those colours! Wonderful

    Love your way!

    1. This blouse is one of my "all time favorites." I will always love wearing it and each time I think of you! It has been a pleasure getting to know you and share and I'm sure if and when me meet...we'll share more in common than we already know.

      Love you



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