Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"The 2 A's"

     I read the most beautiful post "Christmas In Paris" from Lissa at Keep It Simple Keep It and afterwards I left a comment. But my mind kept pondering what is the appeal of  how others live out their lives that we seek out a transformation of our own. And then suddenly it came to me as I began tidying up from our leftover New Year's Day celebration with family and friends. Aha!!! the answer came to me... it's your attitude and approach Rita or what I simply will refer to as the 2 A's...that's the difference!

     I'm sure many of you are probably like me with a 40+ hour a week job, college, church, community, chores, grandma duty (that's not work but sheer delight) and the list just goes on and on (please can I get some "blogging and thrifting" time).

     So this year I resolve (with time) to follow my own advice and no longer conform my life to hurry...hurry...hurry but rather transform my thinking...therefore change my Lifestyle. How about you? What are you going to do or maybe you already live this way?!

     Happy New Year.

     The Blue Farmhouse.

Ice bucket (fabulous find for $4 and ice scoop Pottery Barn)


  1. Ah, Sister Rita, this is exactly what Rudy and I have decided to work on; less "hurry hurry"& more quality family, (marriage and parent/child) time. Just trying to be intentional with our time and resources, so that we aren't constantly busy, which doesn't always mean being productive! I gotta say, I feel relieved to have taken this pressure off of myself and am so excited to what this year has in store for us. God bless you and your family always :)

  2. Thank you Marcy and of course you and Rudy are always in my prayers...let's have a "Joyous" 2013!

  3. I have decided to spend more time with the kiddo's because time just flies!
    And I do not want them to see me as the mom that was always stuck to the computer. lol.
    Rather be stuck to a thrift store! lol.


    1. Hey if you gotta choose...might as well be a thrift I'm sure you'll find the right balance:)

  4. I have really tried to slow down too...your thoughts are right on! Thank you for all your sweet comments you always leave me on my blog! What a blessing you are. xoxo

  5. I really want to live out this year joyously...and apart of the joy is hearing from you Koralee and of course....reading your beautiful blog. Now that is worth slowing down for. Thank you for all your kindness towards me!

    Love, Rita


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