Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Fabulous Frames Reveal"

     Okay friends...are you ready? I'm nervous and I hope that you like them because I think they came out pretty fantastic. These old frames are not only perfect to re purpose into chalkboards and inspiration pin up boards but they are multifunctional too.

     I use them for messages to myself or family members, restaurants and coffee houses use them to display menus and drinks, shop clerks use them to say open or closed, wedding coordinators use them at rehearsals dinners, bridal showers, vineyards use them displaying wine list and so on and so on.

     Personally my collection is growing (maybe 10) yikes... and while I would love to keep them all I can' soon I will start to sell a few of them. I'm currently working on some ideas of how I can make them available to you if you are interested.

     So drop me a line and let me know if you'd be interested or just tell me how you are currently using the old frames you've collected.

     The Blue Farmhouse.



Close up of details

One of my favorites

white inspiration boards

Close up details


  1. Beautiful old frames! I love them....have put mirrors in some.
    Thanks for visiting!

  2. Thanks for sharing Barbara...and I love them too and will always collect them.

  3. Wow....these frames look have made so many!
    Love how you finished the frames.
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my book...your encouraging words are always such a blessing.

  4. Thanks Koralee...I think I'm addicted or at least I'm always on the hunt for them. I sell quite a few in my vendor space and I keep quite a few too! And I just love your blog and all your sweet sayings and encouraging thoughts. I wish you you all the best ~always~.


  5. Just had to come visit. The blue farmhouse sounds so beautiful. Mine is a sage green, but I now wish it were sky blue.

    1. Hello Donna,
      Thanks for dropping by and yes blue is my favorite color of all. I hope that you'll return again and find inspiration each time you visit!


  6. You should open up an Etsy shop and sell them there. They are stunning! Great job.

    Stop by to enter my giveaway, if you wish.
    Ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  7. That's my next move...I just got the banner I ordered and it's really beautiful. I'm excited about branching out and finding other avenue to sell all the things I love. My daughter has an Etsy shop called The Blooming Thread and she does very well. Thanks for the tip and wish me luck...oh and I do hope you'll visit again.



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