Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Thrift Store Finds"

     Just a couple of photos of my latest thrift store finds. I actually had the seagull lamp in the garage waiting to find the perfect lampshade.
     And my husband actually found the lampshade at the same thrift store that I had originally purchased the lamp. So, as you can see I have since removed from the garage and now it proudly sits in the family room. I'm glad I decided not to sell this unique lamp because it adds a masculine touch an otherwise very feminine styled home. Hooray for hubby!

     Finally, I found these 5 canisters and (you guessed correctly) this beautiful color of blue was what caught my attention. I'm thinking about selling them in my space at "Sweet Repeats" because I have so much stuff and I need to edit, edit and edit some more. But for now I took a couple of pictures and placed them into storage.

     Hope you enjoy and until next time go thrifting because you never know what you may find!

     The Blue Farmhouse

Total cost lamp and shade $30

Closer look

Blue canisters (5 total)

These canisters make me smile

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