Sunday, March 18, 2012


     That's exactly how I felt when I found this picture frame! So, as I approach this gigantic frame I have my fingers crossed that the price is right.

     Well, it was but you can always hope for better (sometimes I'm good at bargaining and sometimes I'm not.) Actually, after getting the sales girl permission to hop in the window to find out what the price was, we discovered there was no price!

     I hate when you're thrifting and there's no price on something, you ask and they start with the uh... um...  Now, I'm praying please don't let the price be ridiculous because I showed an interest. So, thank you sales lady because she gave me a reasonable price compared to what she could've guessed.

     This is going to make a fabulous chalkboard piece and when I'm finished and it's going to hard to let this piece go to the shop.

     Please come back for the unveiling because it's going to be "Amazing" I promise and check out this amazing post by Ryan at "The Blooming Thread" Featuring chalk artist Dana Tanamachi. Her talent is amazing, too!

     Until next time.... The Blue Farmhouse.

Before Picture (Horizontal)

Vertical View

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