Sunday, October 2, 2011

Simple Things = Happiness

     I went to buy balloons for my daughter Ryan's birthday and decided to visit the thrift store adjacent to the balloon shop.

     Not expecting to find anything special, but much to my delight I found something that made my heart sing. The colors were in vibrant shades of blues with flowers. The colors and patterns resembled the twin bedspreads that I featured in a recent post "I Love Textiles".

     Of course, I purchased it ($1.99) and immediately thought of all the ways I could use going to the farmers market or grocery store. So, now it proudly hangs up with the collection of tote bags in full view by the front door ready for any errand.

     This bag makes my heart sing and I do believe that it's the simplest things that can bring the most happiness and pleasures.

     Happy Collecting!

My new bag

Collection of  bags

Having fun

Beautiful Flower Fields


  1. look at those colors! I love how bold and rich they are...

  2. p.s.!
    when are you going to open your shop?! youre the queen of great finds!


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