Friday, October 21, 2011

Beautiful Santa Barbara

     One of my favorite weekend activities that I so look forward to is going to Santa Barbara. Our schedule is pretty predictable because it follows this routine, treasure hunting at our favorite venues and eating at the "Habit". It's one of our personal getaways and we love it.

     I discovered the "Habit" from a co-worker while on a business-work related trip and I've been eating there ever since. My first word of caution is to not let the long lines intimidate you because the service is quick and the food is well worth the wait. My husband and I usually order the chicken breast sandwich with onion rings and sometimes fries. Mm.... my taste buds burst in delight just reminiscing about the food.

     I hope that you'll take my advice and treat yourself to this eating establishment and send me a comment on your experiences.


     The beautiful Pacific Ocean

Um.m.m good

Ready to dig in

Can't wait

Ready to go treasure hunting

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