Monday, May 25, 2015

"A Little Goes A Long Way"

The first pair of gold sconces were a gift

The second pair... a thrift store find

Great find...wrong color

A fresh coat of white paint

New Location

Finished product...I love it

     Undoubtedly you have used to this term "a little goes a long ways" in some form or another. The term itself..."a little [of something] goes a long way, meaning a small amount of something has a greater effect than one might expect. 

     I have found this to true when I'm out thrifting and not necessarily needing something grand [although I won't pass grand up] but functional and beautiful. I believe that I have found all these necessary qualities in my latest little finds don't you? 

     Thank you for dropping by The Blue Farmhouse and I hope  you'll drop by again and again and again!

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