Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Little Finds....Great Styling"

     I don't like the thought of thrifting and having nothing to show for my efforts. However, I avoid falling into the trap of buying something just to buy it. So after sharpening my focus this is what was found and I have a perfect plan to utilize them.

     The silver water pitcher has an engraved monogrammed on the front (not in view) and I plan to use for a baby shower tea hosted by a coworker for her sister.  And the beautiful elongated basket will get a new paint job (white or blue) then hang on the front door with some beautiful flowers's going to be pretty!

     I'm in the planning stages of creating a small event rental business using my beautiful dishes and tableware, glassware, sideboards, tables, ornate chalkboards and more for garden parties, bridal showers, tea parties, wedding receptions, and more. As for right now it's fun just collecting, dreaming and planning for something more.

     Until next time happy collecting and thrifting....

The Blue Farmhouse

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