Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Newest Light Fixture"

     Well as promised here's the beautiful light fixture I picked up for $3.99 while scouring through a thrift store. Between a school research paper and a brief sabbatical from thrifting, I'm very happy with this little treasure. My husband has promised to do some rewiring, and mount it on the ceiling in the hallway bathroom tomorrow.

     So I will take the best pictures in order  to show you the "after" pictures and finished project. Until next time happy collecting and thrifting. The Blue Farmhouse.

(p.s. wish me luck on research paper due on Tuesday)... Yikes!!!

My little find

It needs some re-wiring and painting the gold trim to white


  1. Oh, my its been way to long in between visits to now see a treasure I found just like yours a couple of months ago. That little nipple on the bottom I had my glass guy cut down so the globe would sit without any spinning to it. I had him buff the edges smooth to turn this piece into a candy dish and fruit bowl for green apples or lemons. I love restyling pieces using them for other purposes then there original use. I picked mine up at our local thrift for a $1.00 you will see it in different posting displayed as a bowl :)

    Love that we have the same taste in thrift finds, beautiful as it is and more when used for what it has become :)

    See you soon friend and all your beauty and grace.


  2. That's what I love about sharing with my "blog friends" and visiting other sites...we really do have so many things in common. Unfortunately my "secondhand man" husband is ill and hasn't been able to do the things I want. Hopefully by next week he'll be better and I can show the results. Dore I love that last line..."beautiful as it is and more when used for what it has become"!
    How can I see yours?


  3. Hey Rita,
    I am sure you will do Great on that paper!
    Will pray for you!

    And I can't wait to see that bling all prideful in your bathroom.

    Have a good week.


  4. Sandy can you believe that I got an "A"!!! This research paper was intense and I really felt like I couldn't do it but I did it! (Thank you Jesus). Hopefully by this weekend I can get my husband to put in light fixture. He was down for a week with bronchitis and mild case of pneumonia. Man oh man.:(



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