Saturday, April 27, 2013

"In My Own Backyard...Again"

      I am excited to share with you with my fabulous finds today! I'm always on the lookout for these large ornate frames. I love re purposing them to chalkboards and message boards. They have sold very well in the past to customers and shops looking for them to place in their homes or businesses.

     But what I'm most excited about is the "industrial looking" moveable bar, plant work station or smorgesboard for impromptu dinner parties. My friend Laurinda sold it to me for only $10.00! Yes you read it correctly. Of course, my husband didn't have a vision for all the ways you can use this piece, but it's okay I did.

     Laurinda is an awesome decorator, seamstress and stylish. I love everything that she does and we share a kindred spirit for collecting and decorating. Thank you my friend, and although my husband says that this piece will stay at here if we ever move (it's heavy and solid)....I say NEVER.

     Thanks for stopping by and until next time happy collecting and thrifting...

     The Blue Farmhouse.

Today's finds

Getting ready to plant hanging baskets

Impromptu party/dinner station

What's your thoughts?


  1. What a nifty find and for $10! It looks so nice just draped with the material and the flowers...
    You have a flair for great finds! Thanks for sharing,

  2. Thanks Noelle,
    I will clean it up some and see if I want to paint it or not. Or just let it weather. It's very very well built and it's just one of those things you see like in vineyards...beautiful food, beverages, candles and some beautiful draped linens or tablecloth. I thought perfect for a planned or alfresco meal with family or friends. Thanks for the lovely comment:)


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