Monday, November 26, 2012

"Star Struck*!*?*!*?"

     ((Well I might have exaggerated a little...but their is no mistaken when I say that Eric is the owner of one the most beautiful stores in Santa Barbara)).

     So I wasn't quite sure if I could take pictures inside the store, so I approach a lady and say, "Excuse me, I have a blog named "The Blue Farmhouse" and is it okay if I took some pictures of the inside?" she replied, "Sure and what's the name of your blog?"... she puts some merchandise away and walks over to the computer and searches... "Oh here it is".

     In the meantime a gentleman walks behind the counter also viewing the computer screen and she introduces him, "this is Eric the owner of the store". Of course, now I'm tongue-tied as I stumble over my words sharing about when I first began blogging and featured this store in my very first post, "I'm Coming Out".

     They both compliment me on the blog and thanked me for my enthusisiam for the shop. Hey, this no hype but "Rooms and Gardens" is the real mccoy if you're looking for high quality, a beautiful selection of chairs, tables, lamps, ottomans, throws, linens, fabric choices (my favorites are Kathy Irelands') or just pure inspiration.

     Now, I really would be tongue-tied if home decorator Kathy Ireland was there in person! Enjoy and until next time...find your inspiration.

     The Blue Farmhouse.

Me and Eric (store owner)

Beautiful bedroom

Custom fabric choices

Chicken coop

Resident chickens

Backyard view

The Gardens

Back inside

Of course! Blue and White Rugs

A must visit for everyone


  1. Oh my what a lovely shop...and such nice people! They should be in awe of your blog it is stunning. xoxo Hugs

  2. If you ever come my direction I'd love to take you to this truly is beautiful and defines much of my style...and the blog...well thanks and I'm trying to improve it. I have some updates I'm planning to do...and I'd appreciate your comments. I always love hearing from you!

  3. I love your sweet article about this shop - and the way you felt tongue tied as you talked about your blog - we've all been there!
    It is so cute to have a chicken coop at the store, I've never seen that here in France!

  4. I can't believe I just got a comment from one of my favorite blogs that I read everyday...I wouldn't have ever expected to hear from you Sharon! So thanks for "tying my tongue twice" and "Rooms and Gardens" is a lovely shop inside and out..those chickens never had it soooo good.

  5. What an amazing place, the outside grounds match it's beauty, over grown with passion.

  6. Rooms and Gardens is definitely an inspiring shop and it's a must visit for me when I'm in Santa Barbara! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment.

  7. lovely, and the chicken coop is so sweet. one can just see even by the font they used for their signage, it is a inviting store. thank you for sharing. Bet you got new followers from there on that day!

    1. It's one of my very very favorite places in Santa Barbara. Also there's another shop a couple of blocks up called "Lewis and Clark." It's also a very beautiful shop I frequent often.


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