Monday, November 12, 2012

"Chicken Soup For The Soul"

     Perhaps you read the post "I'm Sick" and I was... but now happy to report that I'm feeling much better. I started to feel cold and weak last week and just ignored all the symptoms and BoOm it all came crashing down Friday night after work.

     Well I don't know about you but I rarely complain about being sick...too many responsibilities and demands...but it all came to a sudden halt! Thankful for the prayers, well wishes and some "muy" delicious soup from a friend and sister in Christ, Hermana Chonita Ortega.

     I wish I had the recipe to share with you because it's certainly worth sharing...better yet I hope you have a friend close by that'll deliver "chicken soup for the soul" when you need it most. I'm on the mend and life goes on....

     The Blue Farmhouse.

Lunch for 2

Homemade Chicken Soup w/ Tortillas & Spanish Rice

Ummm...good to the last bite


  1. Oh my...this looks amazing...I am so into soups right now. Nothing makes you feel as good.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better. xoxoxo

  2. Indeed it was amazing...and just what I needed. Thank you Koralee for your "sweetness" always.


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