Monday, November 12, 2012

"Angels Wings"

     They're all above me, beneath me, before me, they're all around me. My Father's angels all protect me ev'rywhere. (Lyrics by Bill Gaithers)

     I found these angel wings in the back of my car, perhaps they were a discarded Halloween idea from my daughter or one of her friends. But I like them because they're not perfect...they have some black on the feathers at the bottom. Oh no...I said..."my angel has been working overtime to watch over me and my household".

     But that's okay because when she was done with her assignment for the night...the soiled ones were left as a reminder (or she hurried before morning light) on the entry door hook, "Home Sweet Home"... I'll be back...she left only to get some fresh ones for another day!

     The Blue Farmhouse.

Found angel wings

She'll be back...but I kinda like the soiled ones!

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