Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Guess Who's Coming For Dinner?"

     Honestly some of the silliest thoughts flood my mind when I'm contemplating a title for a post....and this one fits perfectly.

     If you know anything about me at all it's this..."I love beautiful dishes." I have been collecting dishes for years and through the years I've had to edit...edit...edit. However, there's no editing ever of these lovely brown and white beauties. So with thanksgiving preparations moving into high gear, what dishes will you be using to set your table this year?

     This classic 1967 movie featuring the legendary Sidney Poitier, Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn reminds me that "we've come a long ways baby", and some things just never go out of style... like a good movie and my "Bow Bells" England ironstone collection.

     Until next time happy collecting and thrifting. The Blue Farmhouse.

Newest find

A favorite pattern

Previous thrift store finds

Closer look

Mix and match

Maybe this?



You choose


  1. Oh me oh my...stunning..your table is going to be a show stopper for sure! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Koralee
    Every precious comment you leave makes my heart smile...maybe it's the validation from a very creative person like yourself that I need...or just the simple fact..that you make me smile. Thank you!

  3. Hi, I just found your lovely blog! I'm a dishaholic too! LOL! I'm really enjoying your blog & I'm your newest follower! Please stop by when you have a moment, I love company & new friends are always welcome!

  4. Hello Ocean Breezes,
    I visited your blog and do believe I'm going to have too make sure that I have eaten with all that delicious looking (and I'm sure tasting) food before my eyes. Thank you for becoming a follower of The Blue Farmhouse and I hope that each time you visit you'll leave inspired. Welcome and again thanks!

  5. I love the patterns on those dishes! they are gorgeous!!!

  6. Thank you Jennifer and so is your blog and photography. I see all your beautiful work, as well as see your name among some other inspirational blogs I follow. Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Ok, I'm jealous. One, that you have these dishes and two...that you have space in your home to store all those dishes.

  8. This really is a beautiful pattern that I rarely see and I had some that I found at a thrift store in San Diego for pennies (many years ago) when I saw these I was like...I have those at home...and the rest was history. My other dilemma is we could literally eat for days... and never have to wash a dish! Crazy, uh?


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