Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Just My Imagination"

     What if you could take up residency in a favorite shop? How long? I'm not sure because it's just pure fantasy anyway. However crazy it sounds my choices aren't difficult at all. Oh no I can't just make one about two? Drum rolls please. One of my choices is "Avec Moi Decor" in Los Olivos. I first met Michele the proprietress of this beautiful shop in November 2011 when she graciously agreed to an interview with me.

     Since my initial visit Michele has relocated to a stunning building right in the center of town. It's been awhile, but I just recently took a drive for a bite to eat at Paninos...and peek inside to see what had changed. Absolutely nothing...just still breath taking and stunning finds at every turn.

     I hope you'll return for my other choice...

     So until next time happy collecting, thrifting and dreaming about your favorite shop(s).

     The Blue Farmhouse

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