Sunday, May 25, 2014

"A Home Run or Bust"?!?

     Okay..I'm just putting this "post" out there and perhaps you can help me decide...if this find is a home run or bust? While on a Sunday evening drive I found this...

Queen size tufted fabric headboard

     and thought it'd look great paired with....

crisp white bed linens


multi colored throw

throw pillows

     It's a definite stretch from my typical color palette in my home but I thought I could use it in a spare bedroom or put it up for sale. It's not blue or white but it has this tangerine color and 70's sway that was just calling my name...Rita buy me!

     So I spent the $15.00 and if it doesn't work out...the money spent goes towards a boys group home. So what do you think? Bust or home run? Actually I like it! 

     Until next time happy collecting and thrifting...

     The Blue Farmhouse

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