Thursday, October 4, 2012


     Are your collections taking over? Like really Tommy (hubby) is it necessary to paint this gigantic piece of furniture HERE!!?!!

     Each time I purchase something my husband ask, "Is this piece going in your space at "Sweet Repeats" and sometimes I say yes and it does, and most of time I say "yep" knowing full well this is mine! He says it can't be painted in the garage because it gets cold now...anyway I am glad that he is volunteering to do it because it'll look professionally done.

     This is going to take awhile because he just had eye surgery and I have to unload all the dishes from the antique cupboard and relocate it to the family room. What I need are bigger rooms...more opened space...what I really need is some S.O.S.!!!

     P.S. I'm having second thoughts now about painting this piece now (yaaaa) but I will have to locate some updated hardware. So stay tuned as I attempt to completed this weekend!

     The Blue Farmhouse.


Hardware off and I'm looking for replacements

Drawers left out on chairs

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