Saturday, April 21, 2012


     My agenda this Saturday morning was to meet with class members at a local park to plant trees. Well, I started this journey at 8AM only to arrive at my destination 9:30AM. What's so amazing about this story is that I live in a small community and should've known where this park was located but I didn't! In fact I have never been to it despite being so close I could've hit it with a rock....not my head but the park.

     So while searching and ending up in a residential section I happen upon a group sale in a parking lot. I decide to stop and get out and guess what I see...yep the chair and it's leather. My attraction was the nail heads, color and age but definitely not the gentleman sitting in it. (He was very kind and helpful)

     I walk over and ask if he was buying it and he said,"No, but I could" (he was a part of the group in the parking lot selling things). You won't believe the price $20! I'm sorry but I just had to take it and worry about placement later. It's really beautiful in person and very very comfortable.

     After a long work week and school I needed this detour and I'm so glad that I happened upon it.

     Happy detours and thrifting.

     The Blue Farmhouse.

Restful chair

Love the nail heads on the arms

Side views

Side views

I love the wheel casters!

One last look

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