Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"A Beautiful Find"

     I found this chest at a favorite thrift store and immediately knew I had to have this one, despite having no real need for it. It's a beautiful blue and white chest with an oh... so light pale blue trim along the top edges and drawer. I wouldn't change anything and I love the knobs!

      Imagine this chest paired opposite a white round table with long tapered narrow legs, a tufted headboard in white or oatmeal brown. The bed is beautifully dressed in all white linens except for some taupe colored shams and a couple my favorite blue and white plaid pillows. Then, I could prop my tall white ornate mirror against the wall, draping something oh so simple...oh so sweet.

     Okay, I'm off to make this dream happen!


    The Blue Farmhouse

 My new find

I love the pale blue trim

Love the knobs

Some old suitcases I found at a thrift store for $3 each!

I found this inside the suitcase and it reads on one side "Good for full fare and on the opposite side it reads, "Honolulu Rapid Transit 1924"

Suitcase stamp reads, "Bob Hall's Wild Goose 13302 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, California

Antique chest blue & white (antique or not I'm sold on this beautiful find)

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