Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"New Venture"

     Attention! Attention! "The Blue Farmhouse" has ventured out into new territory. I'm pleased to announce that my daughter Ryan creator of "The Blooming Thread" and I have a vendor's booth at "Sweet Repeats". I'm very pleased to share this space with Ryan and I'm looking forward to see where will this adventure will lead me. Ryan is experiencing great success with her business and I just hope some of her successes rub off on me.

     What I have found out so far is it takes time, (although it's only been a couple of weeks now that we have set up shop) tagging everything, picking out the right tags and so on. I want every piece that I place in that space to speak loud and clear "The Blue Farmhouse's" style. In fact, I won't put anything in the shop that I wouldn't put in my home. Now, that's a tall order because I absolutely love living with the things that I have found over the years.

     I'm also confident that you will too, so here's some photos of me getting things ready for our space at "Sweet Repeats". Come by for a visit or leave a comment and let me know what you think.

     Wish us luck!

Remember this frame

Packing things

Suitcases and quilts

More things

Green glass collection

Setting up shop

Another look

Stopping by for a visit

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