Saturday, January 30, 2016

"Not Just Another....Mirror"

New find



A few of them

     If you have followed "The Blue Farmhouse" for any length of time you're well aware of my love for these grand ornamental vintage mirrors. And I have lots of them in different shapes and styles but each one as beautiful as the other. I don't always paint them white but I have developed an affinity for this color... well for some things. I guess you could say it's the new black and with all the other colors surrounding them the white just stands regal.

      Usually I will place a pair of vintage lighting or gold candelabras on either side and it looks great. Recently a few of my very large white mirrors were used by a bride in her dressing room for the bridesmaid and of course the bride. I was more than happy to see them serve a beautiful functional purpose like... a wedding.  

     Thank you to my followers for your support and sweetness and I invite you to check me out on Instagram too. Until next time happy collecting, thrifting and pop on over to see what I'm up to on Instagram.

     The Blue Farmhouse 

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