Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Oops... I Did It Again"

     And I promised more dishes! Wait a minute I can justify this purchase...remember these I found a couple of months ago. Well they match these....


     The Blue Farmhouse

Newest finds

Service 6-8

 Earlier finds

 I love mix and matching 

C'mon over to my house
(Don't forget the food)


  1. Oh I feel so much better knowing I am not alone in checking out china! Ours is quite mismatched, only 7 dinner plates for i.e., all made in England though...I can just imagine the horror on your lovely face...7???? There is 4 cups and saucers (you guessed, made in Ol'Blightey) and 2 MATCHING (I am not that hopeless!) sets of dessert plates from...L.L. Bean...We have traveled all over the world and china brakes so easily (no matter how carefully packed) so I just indulge in a handful of items easily discarded when moving next...But how I love to check patterns and colours...Charity shoppes have so many treasures...
    P.S. I notice one of the plates has a dark red (toile) design?
    All the best and happy hunting (That's the fun part, right?)

  2. For some reason I'm drawn to this particular pattern. Maybe it's the faded gold trimmed and each are different in some way or another. The others are gown/white transfer ware..{no red}. And now without looking for them I just seem to say take me...take me. Maybe we should start a party rental shoppe?! I can hardly wait to see what comes along in my path this week. Happy hunting to you too!



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