Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Pink Cadillac"

     This has got to be one of my most "favorite" finds of all times! It's a "pink Cadillac" for our youngest granddaughter who I affectionately call Painted Toe. I call her several other affectionate names but I won't bore you...okay I'll tell you one more name... I call her ~ Lily Pad ~. Why? I don't know except for I love her so sometimes I simply call her "Beautiful".

     I absolutely love being a grandma and I love this fabulous find. Hey, I was just thinking that maybe I could use it for a prop to display a "Blue Farmhouse" baby line of clothing at the flea market. Or I could tie lots of helium balloons in pink and white to announce her 1st birthday.  Well that's down the road maybe as I dream and try to live out the things I have in my head and heart.

     And if you are wondering if I found some other things yesterday... yes I did and I will get pictures up soon.

     Until next time...happy collecting and thrifting.

     The Blue Farmhouse.




~ Love ~

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