Friday, December 21, 2012

"Christmas Party~Pulled Pork B.B.Q"

     Umm...just typing in the title makes the taste buds on my tongue salivate with anticipation of the announcement "time to eat."

     Now in case you didn't know I'm from the South and in my book the words.. The South and B.B.Q. go hand in hand. But because I haven't lived in my birthplace in "many moons"... I must say that I have discovered some pulled pork sandwiches that would stand toe to toe with the best!

     The places that my husband and I will drive to in a heart beat are Firestone in San Luis Obispo and order "The Pig", The Oak Pit B.B.Q. Company in Arroyo Grande (check out my post "Memoriable-Memorial Day for photos) and the last but not least Rancho Nipomo B.B.Q. But don't just take my word, get in your car and go taste for yourself some of the best pulled pork b.b.q sandwiches on the Central Coast!

     Hmm..okay okay back to my story....the recipe for the sauce is called "Mom's Barbecue" by K. Young in Hardy, Va. This recipe came to me via my brother and sister in law who pastored in Marion, Virginia as a gift Christmas gift in 2002. The cookbook features a collection of good down home cooking from church members throughout the State of Virginia and they are good!

     I've cooked this several times and my boss has requested it on a couple of occasions. In fact a lady who ate some asked that I make her the sauce and then wondered if I considered bottling the sauce to sell. Well I was flattered but declined the offer but, if you were close by I would treat you to sandwich, topped with homemade cole slaw, glass (notice I didn't say mason jar) of sweet ice tea and french fries.'s some pictures of preparations and you can see the final results tomorrow.

     Enjoy and hope to see you on Saturday, December 22, 2012.

     The Blue Farmhouse.

Simple ingredients

Roaster and pork loin

Add loin

Add ingredients


Simmer on the lowest setting (the longer the better)

Cover (I slow cook until the next day)

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