Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Let There Be Light"

     One of the items that I have been recently finding while scavenging through some of my favorite thrift stores ( and at least one new store) are lamps. In a post "Out and About" I found this super heavy 1970's style lamp and instantly fell in love.

     Despite it's dated color I say the potential and snagged this one for a mere $9.99. I believe it turned out beautifully and especially because I found the perfect shade covering at Pottery Barn. Here's a few a my favorites that I have found and repurposed with white paint and beautiful lampshades from Pottery Barn (a favorite destination).

     But I'm interested in which one you like the best and as for me they're all keepers. Until next time....happy collecting and thrifting.

(P.S. Looking for perfect finials for some lamps and a lampshade for Chinese print lamp)

     The Blue Farmhouse.

Finished project
(Lampshade "Espresso" from Pottery Barn)

Love the detail

Lamp by Rachel Ashwell
Block Print Shade "Khaki" from Pottery Barn

Another old lamp I found and painted and aged
Lampshade from Pottery Barn

Both thrift store finds


  1. I totally have a weak spot for lamps... Table lamps galore in our home!
    They just add to the ambiance of the room so much nicer then (the light on a standard ceiling fan)


  2. Some of my most favorite lamps are at Pottery Barn and they can be pricey...but I prefer to buy something I absolutely love no matter the price because it'll pay for itself in the end. But lately I've come across some lamps that I have been able to transform with a little "white" paint and always beautiful lampshades from Pottery Barn.

    Love and Hugs:)


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