Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Restauranteur...Silly Me!?"

     No I'm not opening a restaurant...but I dream of finding a big farm style table for my back patio [and I will], with strings of white lights strung along the trellis coupled with friends old and new on one of our beautiful Indian summer nights...and of course delicious food.

     Is this the reason why I keep collecting these beautiful white dishes? I love the nostalgia is gives of days gone by...
                        or am I just crazy about dishes!?

     I think the latter is probably more truer... but it never hurts to plan ahead! Until next time happy collecting, thrifting and always dream a little...I always do.

     The Blue Farmhouse

Found 3 stacks of these beauties
[some w/blue trim]

I love these dishes

Found 2 old tins "Holland Che - Cri 
Cheese Crispies

Stacks of Buffalo plates

Beautiful Pinterest images


  1. Dear Rita, no doubt your table will be set gorgeous..may I be invited? tried to leave comment for few days,jay, looks like this one will go through.. just wanting to congratulate and wish you the very best for your upcoming show! looking forward to see all the pics you are going to share, - really wish I could be there- LOVE what you do with the frames! big hugs, your faraway friend_ Colette

  2. Can I say this comment just made my day...because it did! And coming from you Colette with all your accomplishments just feels good...I would invite you in a heartbeat to my table. Thank faraway friend.And I promise to show lots of pictures. I'm excited and nervous!

    Hugs to you-Rita


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